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The Co-Existence Centre

We invite enquiries for Facilitators/Organisers/Trainers to experience the unique and exciting Co-Existence Centre, which has been created to demonstrate, display, train & educate. Especially enterprises associated with renewable energy or fynbos and fynbos products.


Leading by example: after testing Hydro & Wind energy, Solar technology now supply all our energy requirements. Baskloof is off-grid - not connected to any external or state-supplied energy source.

Co-Existence Centre: Now available for rental short or long term,
... and surrounding playground, dam and open leisure area, (approx. 2000 sq. metres) provide a unique natural setting for: weddings, retreats, training or workshop events.
Or long-term for: Consulting space, offices, display, exhibition, therapeutic disciplines.
Situated within a pristine nature reserve, the Centre is a Duik arch of aluminium steel, 135 sq. metres with large double story volumes, offering good natural light and constant temperatures.
Baskloof is entirely off-grid, powered now only by solar energy, but also with a display unit of hydro & wind.

The Centre offers:
- 10 MB unlimited internet
- Fully equipped kitchen
- Projector and Sound System
- Movable / removable seating and tables
-Energy display systems for management and education purposes

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Co-Existence Centre
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Wind & Sun Power
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Lecturing about Nature
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Wedding reception
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Combine indoor with Outdoor Beauty for your Event
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Having Fun with Nature
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Otter Trail
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Fun in Nature
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“When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect"”

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